Tuesday, August 11, 2009

3D Paint Brushes for Vector Drawing with Adobe Illustrator

A collection of six 3d paint brushes for Adobe Illustrator from HumanNature84. You can use them to apply a 3d effects on vector strokes. Might be useful for designing a logo or drawing liquid objects...

To use, load the PDF file with Adobe Illustrator and bring up the Brushes Palette (Windo>Brushes or F5). This resource has been released under CC Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License. Download

Artransmitte said...

Pretty Cool!Nice idea use them to write.We'll try in a future project.

Anonymous said...

chido loco

Anonymous said...

chido muy gueno

Anonymous said...

Ok… I give up. I've tried to install it during 3 hours and I failed.
Or the brush is just black without 3D or I can use it but just as a symbol.
I'm just a graphic designer after all, not a data base professional :)

Anonymous said...

empty on CS4

Anonymous said...

in the brush window. choose one of this brushes and in the method part.. change it to TINTS

it works for me..

Anonymous said...

would you submit this btush pack to my website? Http://www.starbtushes.net

Komal said...

Thanks a lot, they are great. I m loving them and surely going to use in lot of projects

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