Saturday, March 21, 2009

10 More Free Vector Resources That You Might Have Missed

We are back with another nice collection of vector resources for digital illustrators. You can use them for brainstorming, inspiration or a starting point for your projects. You can see a tiny preview of each pack below. Please consider visitng the authors links and posting a comment if you have any problems using them...

European Art Deco Floral Pattern
A set of 2 seamless floral patterns for Adobe Illustrator 8 and above from Keep You can use this resource for creating a high resolution wallpaper or decorate an object in your composition. Free for personal and commercial use. Download

Pop Art Laurel Leaves
A popular symbol in a minimalistic / pop art style from ClickPop Media. Available in *.AI and *.EPS file formats. Free for personal and commercial use. Download

Soccer Player Vectors
A huge silhouette stock by Parka Design. Free for personal and commercial use. Download

Random Pattern Swatches for Adobe Illustrator
A collection of random seamless pattern swatches for Adobe Illustrator from To use, load the PDF file in Illustrator and open the swatches palette (Window>Swatches). The pack contains: "Polka dots, chain link fence, houndstooth, canvas, checkers 2.0, mario bricks and more.To alter any of the swatches (except the canvas) just drag them out of the swatch palette and scale them to the size you like or use the magic wand to change the color, then drag them back in." Download

Japanese Dragon Vector
A vector illustratoin of a Japanese dragon from It could be used for T-Shirt Design or a tattoo concept. "God Dragon & kanji Symbol (Japanese Pronunciation : Ryujin) Ryujin is a spiritual dragon from Japanese mythology that controls wind and rain." Free for personal and commercial use. Download

Ocean Creatures Vector Pack
A collection of ocean creature silhouettes by Jessica Romero, found at Vector Stuff Blog. Download

iPod Family Template
A free vector template from Designinator. The resource is in Adobe Freehand file format (.*FH11), but you can still use, customize or convert it to EPS or AI by opening it with Adobe Illustrator. Could be useful if you are working on iPhone skin project. Download

Vector Shopping Bags
A free vector stock from VectorJungle. The stock contains five cute vector illustrations of shopping bags. The resource is available in EPS and PDF file formats.Free for personal and commercial use. Download

Sketchy Vectors
A free vector stock from ragingcephalopod. "The pack includes a fist, 2 guns, a bird skull, a human skull, a ribcage and a crab claw. Download

Urabn Grunge Textures
A collection of vector textures in EPS from Cmicak. The resource is editable with most major vector editors. Download

Anonymous said...

Hello, Nice list…

One website that is missin and is rising..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list! Also thanks to the poster above me for his site!

I would also suggest to check out this site:

This has a small, but quite nice collection of free shiny orb and square templates you can use.

nancylee said...

Thank you so much for the Ocean animal vector, I´m doing a mural at a very poor school here in Costa Rica, and I´ve got very few time left, and I needed some vectorial help! I insist, thanks a lot!

ragingcephalopod said...

nice to see that someone appreciates my work

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