Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How To Skew A Dot Pattern with Adobe Illustrator

Here we have a great video tutorial for Adobe Illustrator explaining how to use the Free Transform, Shear, Skew and Reflect tools to create vector logo types and icons in perspective

Important shortcuts to remember:
*Mac OS
Cmd + Opt + Shift + Drag with the Free Transform Tool = Shear
Cmd + Shif + Drag with Free Transform Tool = Skew

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Drag with the Free Transform Tool = Shear
Ctrl + Shif + Drag with Free Transform Tool = Skew

More about using the "Free Transform Tool" here.

Koenie said...

Very nice! And thanks for the tip!

Although it doesn't work for Illustrator CS2 (which I'm working on for my job).

dunkluhv said...

Thanks for sharing the following.

Betty said...

Nice video, makes it so much easier to follow i think. I work a lot with dotted illustrations so it helped me a lot. - Betty -

suShMiTa said...

very nice video.. would appreciate if you include more videos of making human sketches and filling natural colours into them..

anour said...

nice n totally help... since im a student, its really a good tips to create a nice logo :)

kelmen said...

good video tips that helps those who are learning "Illustrator", keep going for more tips!

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