Tuesday, March 3, 2009

10 Vector Resources for Digital Illustrators and Flash Artists

Below you can see a collection of random vector resources that could be of use to Adobe Illustrator & Flash users. The resources are fully customizable, free for personal and commercial use. Please feel free to visit the authors pages or post a comment...

Random International Symbols
A collection of random vector symbols in Adobe Illustrator file format, from VectorStuff (a nice place for free vector resources). Download

13 Grunge Patterns
A musthave set of seamless patterns in vector format from Transfuchsian. Useful for decoration or applying a rough texture effect on your artwork/design elements. To use, open the PDF file with Adobe Illustrator. Download

Cartoonic Heart Illustrations
A pack of vector heart icons from Vecteezy. Download

Sacred Heart Vector Illustration
A tattoo styled vector illustration from SabaDesign. To use the resource first, you need to expand the .zip file. Download

Flourish Ornaments
An art noveau look alike ornaments in vector format from Astorix. Download

Clockwork Vectors
A set of clockwork elements in vector format from t6t. Could be a starting point for building up a digital mechanism or whatever. To use, open the PDF file with Adobe Illustrator. Download

Floral Brushes for Adobe Illustrator
Two splatter brushes for Illustrator from Dtpvids. This resource could be used for for creating a pattern or for decorating your composition. To use, load the file in Illustrator and open the brushes window (Window>Brushes). Download

Vector Camera Shutter
A geometrical illustration of a camera shutter in EPS (vector) file format from ScarletRain. Since the illustrations is in EPS, it can be fully edited with most vector editors (Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Iknscape, etc.) Download

Beach Life Vector Pack
A collection of vector illustrations from Designious. May be of use if you are currently working on a beach-house compilation CD cover. Download

Vector Bar-codes
A set of random bar-code vectors from Arbenting. To use, you need to expand the .rar Archive with WinRar or StuffIt (MacOS) Download

Anonymous said...

Those are great. Thanks for sharing !

info said...

This is so nice vectors base arts, thanks for sharing

Chopper Wallpaper said...

very cool!

Anonymous said...

I used the clockwork shapes.

Unknown said...

Heya, I'm the creator of the shutter vector (scarlet-rain) and have only just seen this blog. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for giving credit. It's nice when people do the right thing and help us artists out :)

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