Friday, February 27, 2009

Human Nature Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

A stunning brush set for Adobe Illustrator from HumanNature84. The pack contains ten art brushes which can be used for drawing organic graphics or decorating abstract compositions.

If you experiment with different stroke sizes, colors and layer opacity value, you will get a variety of eye catchy effects...

To use, load the PDF file with Adobe Illustrator (File>Open) and bring up the brush palette (Window>Brushes). Download

SBass87708 said...

I'd love to try this brush set, but when I click to download, acrobat says it is an illustrator file that was saved without pdf conent? Help would be great, as I'd love to try these!

TONI said...

Right click on the download link and choose "Save as". When you download the PDF file, launch Adobe Illustrator then (File>Open...) And load the PDF. Then bring up the brushes panel (Window> Brushes) and you'll see a preview window like the image above.

Damien said...

Your blog kicks my ass. Everyday.

Thank you.

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