Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Victorian Symbols for Adobe Illustrator

A set of 20 decorational symbols in Victorian style. You can use them for decorating your design composition or creating a seamless floral pattern...

To use, load the PDF in Adobe Illustrator (Use the "File>Open" method, not Click+Drag) and bring up the Symbols palette (Window>Symbols).Special Thanks darkdesign1902. Download

Bearded Lady said...

I can never get these to work. Do you need CS3?

TONI said...

I'll resave them and upload a version for CS1.

Linda said...

I can't open this either. Darn. I use XaraXtremePro.

Emily said...

When opening the file in Illustrator CS3, it initially looks empty. You might want to add a note in the file to open the symbols palette if needed.

Also, I'm not sure why you're saving as PDF. There's no PDF preview.

The symbols are very nice though.

jason Eyerman said...

thanks! worked great for me. Although I was expecting and hoping for something a little different.

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