Thursday, September 15, 2011

Vector Logos

Great logos are key to success in all marketing, communication and propaganda fields. Eye-catching logo graphics are the first important step to businesses’ branding, recognition, differentiation and identification. Logos are often the first contact customers have with products and companies, so it’s a big challenge for graphic designers, typography artists and illustrators to create unique logos the customers can engage with.

Vector Logos

Logos are used by companies all over the world for advertising, marketing and communication purposes, since logo graphics tell us a lot about the brand identity through the present symbols and words. But logos have to be changed or adapted frequently depending on the introduction or change in new products or services provided by the company. Editing logos is not an easy job, but if these logos are prepared using vector art the editing process becomes much easier and favorable. Since vector art allows you to make colorful and attractive logo graphics of any shape and dimension, a lot of companies are opting for vector conversion. Companies ask for attractive and crisp logos which can be read at a single glance. Apart from making the logo attractive, vector programs are also the perfect tools of choice to add special effects to the text.

Vector Logos 2.

Earlier it took days and even weeks to create original logos, but with the introduction of design software as Adobe Illustrator, FreeHand and CorelDraw vector artworks can be delivered within a day. The work is fast and efficient, suiting the needs of the present design generation. Several mathematical commands have to be given to achieve the desired vector artwork.

Vector Logos 3.

Everything starts of course with a clear briefing. Before designers or illustrators can develop a logo or brand identity, they need to receive an articulate briefing about the project with clear answers to the following questions:

- What is the full name of your company?

- What is your business about? Describe your brand and product(s).

- What are the keywords that best describe your product or brand?

- Who is your target audience?

- Do you use a slogan or tagline?

- Do you have any preferred colors, typefaces and icons?

Vector Logos 4.

Vector art is much more than just a mechanical technique or software work. The creation of vector logos involves a lot of creativity, imagination and hard work, and the artists have to use their skills and abilities to make the artworks attractive and lively. The conversion from sketch to vector format requires a lot of technique and skill, and is not that easy as it may seem. While converting an existing art or logo the artist should keep in mind that only the technical format has to be changed, but not the overall look or theme. We can safely say that vector art is a modern way of creating art based on the human brain powered by the speed and accuracy of computers.

Vector Logos 5.

If you are looking for inspiration or if you need brand logos in Illustrator EPS or AI format, make sure to visit and The vector site offers thousands of brand logos, icons, signs, symbols, clip art and dingbats for your branding and visual identity projects.

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