Monday, December 28, 2009

The Logo Design Process. Layers Magazine Tutorial

In this tutorial Jacob Cass takes us through the different stages of the logo design process: researching, composing a design brief, sketching, reflecting, developing, color brainstorming and presentation...

"Logo design in today’s world is totally underrated. People don’t understand how important a good logo is and how valuable it is to their business. Let me guide you through the basics of what makes a good logo, while also walking you through the process of creating the identity and logo design for one of my recent clients, Vero, a limited liability company based in Miami, Florida. Hopefully, this will give you an understanding of what actually goes on behind the scenes while creating a professionally designed logo..." Proceed to tutorial page

Gayathri said...

Good , very informative and well explaines tutorial. A well designed logo speaks all about the products / services / goods. Logos is the main factor of a company that helps the growth of the business.
Keep blogging. Thanks for sharing.

newstylefunky said...

very interesting

Pop Art said...

I will try this since I'd like to make some logo's for my art.

pop art said...

Reflecting what is? How do I do?

Anonymous said...

this is exactly what ive been lookin' and askin' for. very inspirational,thnx

lambangprasetyo said...

thank for sharing

zack said...

It's true, now we find that logos produced loosely translated as, and sometimes do not match the image that should be highlighted. Only beautiful and interesting but not sufficient to meet the needs of business, memorable and easily recognizable. Logo is not easy to produce. Normally I would start with a review in terms of needs, characteristics and the target audience. Then develop ideas with the thumbnail sketching. Choose three logos for review by the client. Usually they will choose one only and if necessary to modify the final artwork.

ychty said...

this is an amazing tutorial!
i never could figure out what to start with, and now i know:)))
Thank you!

VectorINC said...

Nice post,
very good tutorial.

David French said...

I am an instructor of a college and I teach logo design and typography. Your post is very well thought out and put together. I use a very similar approach when discussing logo design with my students.

Time and time again "designers" will design a logo based on the name and not do any research about the company or have any meaning, purpose behind the logo. Too many companies these days are lacking a true identity because of this.

Great job!

David French
Tampa, FL

Xiaoness said...

Time to get my pen and paper!

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