Sunday, October 5, 2008

Female Vector Eyes

The hardest part about drawing a vector portrait is the illustration of the person's eyes. In Adobe Illustrator, the digital illustrators can take advantage of already predefined sets of skin tone color swatches and a powerful tracing tool like Live Trace. Those tools save a lot of time, but still many people are having hard time with drawing eyes. Why ? Eyes express emotions! They are a tiny element and usually live-tracing is not enough.
Below you and see a free vector stock that includes 4 sets of eyes and eyebrows. Great for practicing. I suggest you to take close look at them in outline mode and pay attention on the positioning of the anchor points and the stacking order of the elements. You can use them as a drawing resource and place them over the original set of eyes as well. Download. Thanks to boiled-frogs

Chase 'n Kell said...

These are awesome. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into bringing this stuff to the masses.

TONI said...

Tank you very much :)

These days I will post another vector eyes pack.

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