Saturday, May 3, 2008

Comments on the dirty logo

I'm not a big fan of TV Shows or for that matter TV at all. The logo of FX's television show Dirt, starring Courtney Cox from Friends impressed me though. I researhed feedbacks about the logo around the web and I found pretty interesting comments about it. So here are some post quotations from the forum of a typographic website"any thoughts on why the “i” is upside down?"

"exclamation mark"

"To make it something more memorable than plain text.

To create an ’exclamation point’ recalling the sensationalism of tabloid press.

Interestingly, the ’i’ is shifted down, putting the dot below the baseline, perhaps a metaphor for something buried or underground, reinforcing the dirt. I was pondering this already, thanks to heavy advertisement featuring ’Digging in the Dirt’ by Peter Gabriel."

"I could swear this is a play on a British tabloid. Perhaps someone can comfirm. I see it as an exclamation point as well. In the media nothing can be big enough or bold enough. So, of course, they use lots of exclamation points thinking this is another way to emphasize the point."

"The negative eye, looking for the bad stuff, punctuating the dirt—Upside down as in “Down and Dirty” You can check the whole discussion here :

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