Monday, April 7, 2008

EskoArtwork Studio plugin for Adobe Illustrator

EskoArtwork announced the introduction of Studio, a plug-in environment for Adobe Illustrator that brings interactive 3D packaging design to the familiar Adobe Illustrator software at its pre-Drupa press event, held in Ghent last month. EskoArtwork is also introducing Studio Toolkits, a collection of supporting simplified structural design solutions.‘In packaging design, the world is certainly not a flat place and there is a clear demand for more 3D capabilities as communicating with a 3D design greatly benefits the turn-around time of the design process. Very often existing 3D tools are too complicated and simply not suited for a packaging design workflow,’ explained Kris Van Bael, product manager 3D and Visualisation, EskoArtwork. ‘EskoArtwork introduces the perfect solutions to solve these issues. Studio and the supporting Studio Toolkits are closely integrated with Adobe Illustrator and come equipped with built-in EskoArtwork packaging knowledge. Studio reduces the need for multiple costly mock-ups, helps to spot design-errors faster and takes away the guesswork from 2D flats.’
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