Saturday, March 29, 2008

US: Yunique Solutions adds new PLM tools

"Yunique_Solutions Inc, the developer of product_lifecycle_management solutions for the fashion industry, has added new image management capabilities to its flagship PLMOn solution.

The tools include an advanced digital storyboard, image sharing, and Adobe integration, and are aimed at addressing the needs of fashion designers, merchandisers, and product developers.

The image cataloging tools enable users to place materials, trims, sketches, technical drawings and pictures into a digital storyboard for use in line planning, line selection, and visual collaboration with suppliers and customers.

Once design and merchandising concepts are added, the digital storyboard serves as a natural starting point for product developers to launch new raw materials and product/style development from this visual workspace.

The browser-based software is said to be fully compatible with both PC and Mac operating systems and allows users to work directly with popular design file formats, including industry-specific CAD systems.

Yunique has also developed Adobe Illustrator tool boxes that provide fashion-specific brushes, symbols and other design tools for PLMOn users.

Product information can be shared and modified by in-house teams, across the supply chain or with customers."

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