Friday, February 8, 2008

Live Pen Calligraphy Plugin for Adobe Illustrator

"Considering the popularity of Adobe Illustrator, it's surprising how few plugins are available to extend its capabilities. Now Zero-One has brought some fresh thinking to the creation of non-uniform vector shapes with its Live Pen plugin, which should prove of interest not just to type creators but a broad spectrum of illustrators and designers.At the heart of its functionality lies the ability to let users control the width of a path at any point. Pen anchors can be added, deleted and moved as required, along with the ability to create new pens and mix different pen types.
Live Pen for Windows Illustrator CS2 can be purchased for $99 on the Zero-One site. CS and CS3 versions are expected in spring, 2008, with a Mac version to follow in the summer. A trial version is available for download."

"It is very handy tool. You just draw a path and easy set the width you need at the required place." Dimitry Belyaev, Art Director

Core features:
-Digital Natural Drawing
-Moving Pen Anchor
-Simple Adding Or Deleting Pen Anchor
-Pens Library
-Minimal Anchors After Expanding
-Smooth Integration

Anonymous said...

mac version please!

Anonymous said...

why come out with pc first i ask?

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