Thursday, January 3, 2008

Copyright Protection

Be it a copyright, trademark or patent, ideas have a monetary value. Briffa solicitor Silas Brown explains all to Graeme Aymer

The protection of intellectual property rights is critical to our work, to software companies, and to designers everywhere. Nothing’s more annoying than to see someone using your creation without permission or mimicking your style. We all know that illegal downloading of software occurs but it is a crime punishable by law and also has a negative impact on the entire industry. So what can be done to protect your work and ensure you don’t accidentally subject yourself to IP infringement?

The Gowers Report last year brought some important updates to copyright laws and we are frequently asked by illustrators and designers how to best retain copyright on their work. Even when you’re taking photos for background and reference, you should be wary of what actually gets used in your creations.

For an update on the current legal situation, we turned to Silas Brown from Briffa, a leading law firm specialising in copyright, trademark and intellectual property cases. Full interview

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