Thursday, December 6, 2007

Flash design tips: precise drawing in flash

To create precise vector graphics in Flash, it’s all about learning to use and control the tools.
The drawing tools in Macromedia Flash MS 2004 allow you to create precision vector graphics. Vector graphics are line-based graphics. In the world of mathematics, a vector is a line that has a defined starting point, a designated direction, and a specified distance. With vector graphics, vectors control the manner in which curved and straight lines are shaped between specific points. The picture is made up of these lines as well as the colors of areas enclosed by the lines.

Because of how they are created, vector graphics can be resized easily without reducing image quality. A vector graphic appears much smoother and more precise than a raster (or bitmap) image, which is made up of pixels (dots). Vector graphics also download faster than comparable raster images. View Few Article.

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