Saturday, July 21, 2007

Squadron Festival 2007

Busy preparations for one of the most awaited festivals this year have already commenced as Squadron have just launched their official Squadron Festival 2007 website (

For the first edition, Squadron Festival together with the support of Pure Promotions will deliver three international heavy-weight headliners, and that being none other than the true Godfather of House Music 'Marshall Jefferson'. This man is responsible for literally defining house music as we know it today and boasts the repertoire of being the man responsible for turning House music into a universal sound by introducing it for the first time ever straight across the ocean to Europe with his legendary classic 'House Music Anthem - Move your Body'.

Squadron Festival 2007 will also feature two of the most requested DJ's - Dr.Lektroluv & Spacid, both residents at the popular yearly I Love Techno in Belgium. Squadron being the originators and leading electro music event organizations in Malta & Pure Promotions being the most sought after House event organization on this island, the two now join forces in an aim to bring together Malta's most prominent music scenes, in one big festival.

Make sure to check out for more info, downloads and features!

Squadron has played a most important role in the ever increasing popularity of the so called 'electro' sound. Having been involved in the music scene for over 4 years, Squadron events have successfully managed to breed a new era of freaks who were not interested in dancing to the music which had dominated the scene for the past years.

Squadron provided the means for these people to listen to all sorts of genres jammed into one night, ranging from true Electro and Chicago house music from its purest days, to the more evil days of acid techno, mixed in with the less sinister Italo-Disco sounds of the early 80's. Besides bringing innovation in music locally, Squadron has also managed to fashion their very own unmistakable Squadron brand artwork, a fusion between classic chic art-deco and modern vector illustrations.

Since their first ever event back in April 2003, Squadron flyers have been sought after gems for flyer enthusiasts around the island.

Seeing that crowds at Squadron events have been on the increase and having already brought over the creme the la creme of modern electronic music artists namely Legowelt, Bangkok Impact, Alden Tyrell, Aux 88, DJ Godfather and Dr.Lektroluv, Squadron now shift their ambition in bringing over legends from both our era and these past two decades. One can expect anything from early Chicago house legends, 80's Miami Bass/Oldschool live shows, Classic Detroit techno DJ's and hard rocking new era electronic artists inspired by all of the latter!

The following artists have been brought over by Squadron: Legowelt, Dr.Lektroluv, Spacid, Le Syndicat Electronique, Alden Tyrell, DJ Serge, Bangkok Impact, Aux 88, Luke Eargoggle, Orgue Electronique, DJ TLR, DJ Godfather, The Chicago Shags, DJ Kafka and Rollinka.

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