Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hibiscus Brush Set

I have used this brush set for creating a house club flyer, you can see it below. The set contains 26 hibiscus brushes. You can download if from here. Actually this is my favorite flower , so I decided to publish some info about it.
"The genus Hibiscus includes some 200 species, seven of which are regarded as native Hawaiian hibiscus. Although tourists regularly do associate the hibiscus flower with their experiences visiting the US state of Hawai‘i, and the plant family Malvaceae includes a relatively large number of species that are native to the Hawaiian Islands, those flowers presented to or regularly observed by tourists are generally not the native hibiscus flowers."

David said...

Thanks for the brushset. The flyer looks great.

jks04c said...

you are a life-saver. i love these brushes so much. i wanted to do my own custom invitations for a custom wedding and i was about to pay $13 per flower for vector art at a stock image website, when instead i got several brushes from your set for free. that is so amazing and thank you so much for sharing.

i do have a question for you. i am a beginner to using the brush tool for shapes. most of the brushes appear to be about 70pixels in diameter and i'd love to use some of them at a greater size. its seems as though, when i increase the size of the brush, the result is a bit blurry. is there any way to create a larger flower without losing the quality. your response would be greatly appreciated. thanks again and again for sharing such a wonderful brush set!

TONI said...

Please be wellcome !
About the brush size...
well this set is for Adobe Photoshop , but Is very easy to vectorize them.
Make a collage with all the shapes in one color and save it as a jpeg, gif, png after that open the image in Adobe Illustrator and outline the flowers and you're fine. I'm actually thinking of vectorizing myself some of the shapes for photoshop.

jks04c said...

oh gosh, i don't know anything about illustrator or outlining, hahah, but i'll give it a shot. if you do vectorize the images, i hope you share those as well. thanks again and again!!

Jessie said...

How do I install these brushes into my photoshop? Sorry...I'm a beginner trying to create an invitation!! THANKS!

TONI said...

There are two ways. The firs is working for both Windows and Mac. You open the brush palley, you go to the Windows menu > Brushes and in the pallet you go to Load Brushes and navigate to the brush file. The other wy is if you re a mac user, you just simply drag the brush file in the dock over the Photoshop Icon (when photoshop is allready running) and by default you brush tool will be using the new brush file.

Valentina said...


alexis said...

thanks for the brush;)

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