Tuesday, July 10, 2007

deviantART Helps To Break World Record!

A new World Record – thank you deviantArt!

The One Million Masterpiece has officially taken the world record for the most artists creating a single artwork, meaning that it has officially become the world's largest artistic collaboration.

The previous record was set in Brenham, Texas , where 25,297 people contributed to a painting titled A Little Dab of Texas. While the previous record was set over 3 years and 7 months, the One Million Masterpiece members have achieved the record in just 11 months.

The new world record will be announced on Monday 09 July, however as the single largest contributor to the project, the deviantArt community deserve a special thank-you. Over 18,000 deviantArt members have taken part in the project, helping to raise many thousands of pounds for global causes and becoming world record breakers in the process.

The 25,298th member to join the project was Geraldine Tough from Crayford in London. Geraldine heard about the project from a friend and unknowingly pushed the number of participants over the previous record when registering.

Her contribution embodies the project's core aim of create a work of art that encompasses all abilities, ages and cultures. On hearing the news she was quick to point out that "I am no artist, but thought even I could do something here". She was right.

The One Million Masterpiece is a democratic artwork with no single person having more control than any other meaning that each member has today become an official world record breaker. The work is far from complete however, and new contributors are welcome in order to help the project meet its aims to raise $5 million for it's global charity partners.

Congratulations to everyone who has taken part, and congratulations to deviantArt for playing such a crucial role in making art history!

Visit the project website at: www.millionmasterpiece.com

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