Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Animate your illustration

Adding animation to your illustration work can reap great creative and financial rewards. But what does it take to make the small jump from Illustrator to Flash, Photoshop to After Effects and page to screen? Nick Spence finds out.

For any illustrator safe in the static world of editorial illustration, animating your work may seem a job best left to others. New skills, new software to learn, thinking not just about the image but also about time, will certainly present fresh challenges. But the rewards for adding animation to your creative canon should outweigh any lingering doubts about venturing outside of your comfort zone.

The rise of broadband and mobile content in recent years has opened up vast new opportunities for anyone creating animation and motion graphics. Online interactive content is big business and much has been made of the potential funds available in web advertising. The internet is now also the ideal platform to showcase your animation skills, with broadband best able to cope with the most demanding video and audio showreels. Many savvy illustrators have added impressive animation sections to their personal online portfolios to great effect. Continue
article by www.computerarts.co.uk

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