Monday, June 4, 2007

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Vector graphics

Vector graphics are images which are completely based on mathematical definitions. The vector graphic is built of various small points which combine to make lines. There are a few points known as Bezier curves which connect the control points. Designers generally prefer to use this program because it gives the best graphics.
Features of vector graphics
The vector graphic files are usually small because they contain only the data that makes Bezier curves and points. The files are stored in EPS-file format. An advantage of using vector drawings is that they can be scaled without any loss in quality. This makes them ideal for logos because altering the size occurs frequently. Vector graphics also possess the following properties:

-The drawings can only be scaled up to 20% regardless of size
-If a vector graphic drawing is reduced too much the small lines will disappear.
-The small errors and faults can become visible if the drawing is enlarged too much.

Anonymous said...

The only one thing is that you should have search possibility for users to find what vector they’re looking for.

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