Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Logo Design

Your logo represents your site. You should spend a fair bit of time on your logo, perfecting it. You won’t make a very good first impression if you just have plain text at the top of your site reading “”. Look at all the successful websites you know of, do you see a logo-less one? Didn’t think so.
Google, Amazon, EBay, Digg, Reddit, Wired… They all have logos. Each one of those companies invested a substantial amount of time (and probably money) designing a logo. Should your site be different? No. Spend a bit of time in Photoshop, designing a logo.
Logo design is an art, as is web design (or virtually anything with the word “design” in it…)
So, how do you design a good logo? First of all, it must match the way the site looks. If you’ve already finished a layout, save for the logo, make a logo that matches the site (color scheme, etc). The easiest way to handle things is to design the logo first, then design the rest of the site around the logo. Full article
Vector Logo by fabioandres

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