Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Flash CS3 Remarkable integration with Adobe’s CS3 family

Flash CS3 Professional, the first version of Flash released under Adobe’s aegis, is arguably the most dramatically enhanced program in the new CS3 suite. Flash has two interacting components: ActionScript, Flash’s powerful programming language, and the timeline-based stage, Flash’s unique design environment for generating vector-based (scalable) animation. My only complaint with Flash CS3’s predecessor—Macromedia Flash Professional 8 (4.5 mice)—was a lack of really exciting innovations in the design aspects of the program. I no longer have that complaint. The most exciting new features in Flash are on the design side, along with some fine-tuning and nice small enhancements in the coding environment.
CS3 integration
In Flash CS3, Adobe unveils a revamped interface, with features like object alignment, color, swatches, and scaling, all accessed using Illustrator-, Photoshop-, and InDesign-style panels. The Flash Tools panel shares icons and even keyboard shortcuts (like P for the Pen tool, T for the Type tool, and V for the Selection tool) with its CS3 cousins, Photoshop (4 mice) and Illustrator (4.5 mice). Other thoughtful interface improvements include the ability to use your mouse’s scroll wheel to scan through sets of layers in the timeline, and the ability to create tabbed panels—again as in Photoshop and Illustrator CS3. Full review

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