Thursday, June 21, 2007

Character Design

In this lesson we are going to look at some elements of good character design. This is not a drawing tutorial. This lesson illustrates principles that are the building blocks of good character design. Understanding them will help you in developing a process of good design in which drawing is only the last step.
I divided this lesson into two phases: the conceptualizations phase that deals with understanding your character and the realizations phase which deals with bringing it to life.
Character Structure
In this phase you are going to define your character. This is done by asking yourself a set of questions that will help you learn about whom it is that you are going to bring to life.
Following are a few questions that will give you an idea what to think about:
What is the life purpose of your character?
Where is he from?
What is your character afraid off?
What does he / she think about?
What is their main obstacle in life?
What is his/ her strengths and weaknesses?
What type of friends does he have ( see image below)?
… you get the idea.
By following this process your character will have some dimension instead of just being
defined as a combination of batman and superman. One very common model is to have a tridimensional character defining its physiological, sociological and psychological characteristics.

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