Friday, May 25, 2007

Gallery: Adobe Creative Suite 3

On Tuesday, Adobe announced the third version of its Creative Suite family of digital media production applications. In addition to the overhaul of the user interfaces one would expect in a release such as this, each individual program in the suite has been updated to capitalize on popular technologies like Ajax, Flex and Camera RAW. Also, this is the first version of the suite designed to run on Windows Vista and Intel Mac hardware. Here are a few highlights. A bevy of powerful programs come with CS3, but presenting that power on the desktop can create a mess of a user interface. Photoshop and Flash have undergone the most thorough face lifts: All those panels soaking up space can be reduced to small icons that expand when clicked on, and Macintosh users can now work with all the windows and tool palettes docked together, just like their Windows friends. Unfortunately, these UI features are not implemented consistently for the other CS3 programs, which can result in hand-to-mouse confusion when switching between apps.

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